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Improvements will add culture to downtown

April 22, 2004

Albany-- Downtown Albany is expected to experience tremendous growth over the next few years. New attractions are being built and existing entities in the area are making a move downtown. Some of those attractions will contribute to an artistic atmosphere.

Visitors to downtown Albany will soon have so many options to consider when they visit the area. Tourists will no doubt have an incredible experience

Workers are climbing, measuring and drilling on a new development that is expected to be the heartbeat of a tourism boost in downtown Albany.

Peter Studl says: "Flint Riverquarium is a stimulus. It will generate excitement and interest and it already has. It has caused people to look at Albany a little bit differently."

And they'll have a lot more to look at pretty soon. the Albany Museum of Art made an exciting announcement today that they will be relocating from it's west Albany location to downtown.

AMA Director Aaron Berger said, "We feel if we move downtown, we're going to help spread that and give credibility to what's happening with the Riverquarium."

"For them to want to go through jumping those hurdles and all those hardships to come downtown really to truly become a collaborative member of this effort is something we should all get behind and help them with," said Eddie McCarty of the Albany Arts Council.

Tourists will also be able to get a taste of other cultural and artistic attractions. "Providing tours , making access to all the different venues so that when people come to town they don't have to drive ten minutes to go somewhere. Everything is available for you."

Thronateeska, the Municipal auditorium and the Civil rights museum, all in walking distance of each other are just a few attractions that tourists can visit. "We've seen this kind of success in other cities and we think it's just the way to go for Albany that creating a cultural district will make it so much easier for tourist to want to come to Albany."

Downtown developers and supporters of the arts believe a cultural district is just what Albany needs to enrich our community. These changes are going to make things so much easier for tourists. Visitors will be able to tour the Riverquarium and walk down the street to see an art exhibit or even a performance.

There is a location downtown likely to become the Albany Museum of Art, but the director says they are not releasing that because negotiations are still underway.

The Flint Riverquarium is expected to open in the fall while the River Front Park will likely be finished by June.

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