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Local business manager indicted

April 22, 2004

Albany-- A former Albany business manager is indicted for embezzling over one hundred thousand dollars.  Glenn Miller is accused of fleecing the Reddy Ice Company in Albany.  The former plant manager faces 33 counts of theft from the company.

The indictment charges Miller billed the company thousands of dollars per month in 2001 and 2002 for phony truck rentals and repairs. He is also charged with supplying Reddy Ice's machines and materials to businesses and keeping the money.

Miller's attorney, Mark Pickett, says this was a case of mismanagement, not a crime. "His management may have been criticized," said Pickett . "There may have been waste. There may have been losses to the company outside of his control. But these are not the same as Martha Stewart or Enron and all those kind of things we have been hearing about so much."

Glenn Miller is currently working in Kentucky. His lawyer says Miller hopes to settle the matter without a jury trial.

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