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Heart and Soul Tour hits Thomasville

April 22, 2004

Thomasville - They're the busiest and best greeters Thomasville has to offer. Jacob Cone says, "Welcome to Thomasville" as men and women from the Heart and Soul Bus tour arrive in Thomasville.

They're here to see what kind of revitalization projects have been made to the downtown area within the past few years.

Randal Morris from the Office of Economic Development says, "First thing I saw were all the young school children waving their flags and waving their hands at us. It's really a warm feeling to the community turn out and welcome us as we get off the way that they did."

And the welcome didn't end there. Members of Thomasville's Music and Drama Troupe wowed the visitors with a special Broad Street performance.

After the music ended, the tour of Downtown Thomasville began, starting with Broad Street, where improvements have earned the city a Great American Main Street Award.

Senator John Bulloch says, "When they actually see what you're doing and see how you present yourself as far as a community is concerned, It's just good to show off the downtown areas and how we've kept them vital."

Heart and soul, vital signs for a healthy city. The Heart and Soul tour will wrap up Friday afternoon in Atlanta.

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