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Bill would legalize importing prescription drugs

April 21, 2004

Albany- A bi-partisan bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate Wednesday to make it legal to import prescription drugs from Canada and eventually about 20 other countries.

Skyrocketing prescription drug prices have sent some people, mostly seniors, looking to buy their medications from Canada, illegally. The bill would make that legal. Davis Drugs pharmacist Thomas McSwain said we wouldn't have to buy drugs from Canada if U.S. drug companies changed. They sell medication to other countries much cheaper than they sell to Americans.

"So they're selling the same drugs that we're buying and that doctors are prescribing in the United States," McSwain said. "They're selling to other countries cheaper than they'll sell it to their own people."

Prices vary country to country depending on what each market will pay.

President Bush opposes importing prescription drugs from other countries, saying the U.S. can't guarantee the safety of those drugs.

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