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Crime Survivor Shares Story

April 20, 2004 

Cordele- Virginia Goodman sees herself in the mirror and looks at the scar that runs across her neck. "It's a symbol of strength that I can move on, "says Goodman, but she's still reflecting on the most traumatic night of her life.  Goodman claims "I was on the phone with 9-1-1, and he told me he would cut my throat and leave me there to die."

Goodman's ex-husband, Alvin Preston Goodman, stabbed her in her left eye and slit her throat nearly two years ago. "He got upset seriously about something. He had been lying to me, and I found out about his lies."

Goodman left his wife to die at a fifth avenue apartment. Paramedics had to actually kick the door in to save her life. That's because he left all the doors locked behind him. Goodman says she and her husband had violent disputes before, but she never thought it would go so far. "He told me he would cut my throat and leave me to die. I said I don't think you really want to cut my throat. You would rather hurt yourself, and he said don't doubt my word," she remembers. 

Goodman was afraid to leave him out of concern for her children.  she says "He had made the remark that he would kill me, cut my throat, leave me to die and it wouldn't be nobody but him and my two girls and if anybody else got in the way he would do them the same way he had done me."

Her husband was charged with aggravated assault and could be out of jail in just eight years, but Goodman is convinced her ex-husband meant to do more than just injure her that night. "He meant to kill me. He meant to leave me. He wanted me out of his life," says Goodman. 

 Since that day, Goodman has flashbacks of the night she almost lost her life.  She says "I still have the fear inside of me," but she has an important message for others who feel violently threatened. "If there's anybody involved in domestic violence, if you see it coming, please do your best to get yourself out of the way of it. Don't do like I did," she says. 

 Others may not be so lucky to live and could actually end up dead at the hands of a violent criminal.

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