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School chief charged after shotgun blasts

Derrick Pettiford Derrick Pettiford

April 21, 2004

Tift County-- The president of the Tift County School Board is accused of blasting a man's car with six shots from his shotgun. Richard Golden was arrested after threatening a man who was on his land.

Derrick Pettiford says he didn't know he was on private property, and he's still in disbelief. Pettiford says he was wrapping up a day of fishing and walking back to his car on Highway 319, when a man with a shotgun cut him off. He told him to get out of his car, and reach for the sky.

The 24-year old Pettiford says he's thankful he wasn't shot when a man threatened his life. "He could have killed me right there," said Pettiford. "My children would have been without a father, and my wife would have been without a husband."

Pettiford says Golden cocked the gun, and pointed it at his face. He says Golden ordered him to march down the road, still pointing the gun at his head. Then he heard gunshots, which hit and damaged Pettiford's car.

The Tift County Sheriff's Office says that Richard Golden is charged with aggravated Assault and Criminal Damage to Property in the second degree.

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