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Teeing off to help the Chamber

April 21, 2004

Dawson-- Budget cuts abound and few have been spared, including the Terrell County Chamber of Commerce.

It's relatively small budget was slashed an additional $13,000.00 dollars this year.

But, it's nothing that a good round of golf can't cure.

Josh Savelle of Davis Vitamin Health Technologies says, "We have got great weather, it's a nice day. We could be at work, but we are not."

Swinging the club doesn't look like much work at all-- but looks can be deceiving. Chamber President Paul Rakel says, "The golf is almost secondary here, it's a chance to get out and meet and greet and network with your fellow business people."

The golfers at Dawson Country Club are all local business leaders. While some games are not at their best, "It's not going good right now. I was just in the sand. It's not going very well," says Savelle, what is going well is precisely why they are here in the first place.

"We are just how here to raise money for the chamber have a good time and play golf, " golfers like Tom Middlebrooks are helping raise much needed money at this fundraiser for the Terrell County Chamber of Commerce.

Middlebrooks says, "I use to be on the Board. (The money) kind of comes and goes, but every little bit helps. This golf tournament will raise some money."

It will raise enough money to help the Chamber nearly break even with each swing getting them closer to their goal.

After the steep budget cuts, the Chamber increased dues to help make up the difference. The tournament is expected to raise nearly $3,000 dollars which will help the Chamber come close to reaching their budget needs this year.

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