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Crime ceremony focuses on kids

April 21, 2004

Thomasville - Sonja Long wipes away a tear as she thinks about the pain her daughter went through for five years and is still going through today.

Long says, "She was molested at a young age, and I'm here representing her."

Representing her at a Crime Victim's ceremony, and speaking out about how the child advocacy center in Valdosta has helped her daughter deal with some of her pain.

"She was having nightmares and having real bad nose bleeds and crying a lot," says Long. "She wouldn't eat, and they tremendously helped her out there a lot, counseling her and everything."

And now the District Attorney's office in Thomasville is working to get a child advocacy center developed here to help counsel young victim's of crime.

Debra Smith says the center will help children realize it's not their fault.

"They're the innocent victim," says Smith. "No one asked this to happen to them. They're young, they don't really understand."

And by the next crime victims ceremony, the District Attorney's office hopes the Thomasville center will be up and running to help children in this area. If you have a building that could be used for the child advocacy house, contact the District Attorney's office at (229) 226-6141.

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