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Troops still need your support

April 20, 2004

Norman Park - The war was declared over a long time ago, but fighting has not ceased. A Norman Park mother says about her son, "He said they are still taking mortar rounds." She wants you to show your support on the home front.

Somewhere near the violent town of Fallujah is 20-year-old Nick Nixon, trying to stay alive. Thousands of miles away inside his quiet Norman Park home you can find his younger sister, Pellie, writing a letter to Iraq. She says, "He calls and says getting a letter is like Christmas there. He has friends who are not getting letters.".

So, she started writing strangers. Pellie laughs, "Complete strangers, but as long as they are getting letters it does them good. I think they enjoy it."

Strangers who are also being honored in the Nixon's front yard. Yellow ribbons stapled on the fence. Nick's mother, Mary Nixon, says, "I want when my son comes back to see the yellow ribbons to know that people do care."

Care for not one soldier, but the thousands of troops overseas, all fellow Americans. His mother says, "If it is their child or loved one over there a lot of times they care, but I want everyone to care. It is our kids over there, all of our kids."

Support doesn't cost much, a ribbon, stapler and staples or sign your name to a letter that only costs 37 cents. Mrs. Nixon adds, "A mother can tell. He tried to sound cheerful, but he was tired. He said please keep the letters coming."

Letters will keep coming from this house. Nick's sister smiles, "I feel like I'm doing something good. Usually they [soldiers] are sitting down at night and they wouldn't have something to read or talk to, now they do. Make them feel like somebody does care out there."

Nick's family has asked him to send a list of more soldiers who are not getting mail.

Nick Nixon went to Iraq in February and is expected to be overseas for a year. He is with the 4th Infantry. He is a Colquitt County High School graduate.

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