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Protesting about police brutality continues

April 19, 2004

Sylvester- Worth County resident Judy Hall is becoming a regular protester in Sylvester.

The people following her lead are rallying against police brutality, while nearby, an officer keeps a close eye to make sure they're safe, while making their voices heard. They want the officers involved in Herman Jackson's death to be fired.

"They should not be working in the city of Sylvester," Hall said. "They're responsible and no one is doing anything about it. This man is dead."

City officials recently put two of the officers back to work. But Assistant Chief Charles Thurmond is still on paid administrative leave. The city manager ultimately decides if he keeps his job.

"He would be the one that determines what happens actually to that officer," said Mayor Bill Yearta "Now the council and the mayor will have some input on that."

That decision may be made in the next month, he said.

Many citizens want him gone. They accuse some city leaders of not revealing the truth about the night Jackson died.

"We're not hiding anything," Yearta said. "We want all the facts just like everybody else."

Protesters say they want the truth to be told and they'll walk as far as they have to see that justice is served.

"We're living in a city where tax payers are paying their money to fund the salaries of these police officers and then when it comes to justice, we don't get it," Hall said.

Until they do, they'll keep marching and raising their voices under the close watch of the ones they pay to keep them safe.

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