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A clown to help cancer patients cope

April 19, 2004

Moultrie - The word cancer is frightening and probably all of us know someone who's battled the disease.

Sometimes it's tough to know what to say or what to get them for comfort. Some south Georgia women are trying to make that decision easier.

One cute clown doll started it all. Sharon Herndon says, "We named him Lemon-Aide for his bright yellow hair."

Herndon's friend Lesa Moser found out she had cancer. Lemon-Aide was a comfort gift. Moser says, "And he went with me to every treatment."

When life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aide. Turning a sour deal into sweet support. Moser adds, "When I was finished with my treatments, in the back of my mind, I was thinking I should share him with others because it's been a pleasure."

Share is exactly what she did, but the clown ended up in the same hands who adopted it. Sharon was diagnosed with cancer too. Herndon smiles, "Much to our surprise it was me that she passed Lemon-Aide to."

The pair and another friend named Sue Chancy started marketing. Herndon adds, "So, other people can enjoy him and have the comfort and love that he conveys."'

And they multiplied, and multiplied, now there are 3,000 Lemon-Aide dolls up for sale at Antique's on the Square in Downtown Moultrie. Moser says, "When people have friends diagnosed with cancer who don't what to say they can give them this clown that says it with a big smile." A smile and a tiny tear going down its face, representing the ups and downs cancer brings into a lives.

Herndon and Moser are now cancer survivors and are doing great, but it took a doll named Lemon-Aide to get them out of a sour situation.

You can buy a Lemon-Aide doll in downtown Moultrie at Antiques on the Square. They want to eventually sell them in hospital gift shops nationwide and put the money toward building treatment centers for kids in our area.

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