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Water restrictions may return

April 19, 2004

Albany--  Georgia is no longer under a watering ban, but a drier than normal April may force the state to bring back watering restrictions this summer.

Pressure washing the sidewalk tops Charles Sheppard's "Honey-Do List" today. "Charles works in the yard everyday," says his wife. "If he can't find something to do, I can find something for him."

Charles and his wife Janice take pride in a green healthy lawn, but also know it's important to conserve water. "I try to make a quick swipe with the water and not linger in one place," he says.

Janice says Charles is frugal with water. "Sometime's it goes until it's on it's last gasp before he'll water again." And his money. "He told me to tell you he watches his pocketbook, but I wasn't going to tell the whole world that. But, that's part of it," Janice says.

The statewide watering restrictions were lifted in November, but WG&L encourages you to continue to conserve. "We didn't have as much rain in April as was promised. And, we don't know what mother nature has in store for us now," said WG&L's Lorie Farkas.

Don't water in the heat of the day, when water evaporates before soaking into the plants, and check your sprinkler heads to make sure they're working properly. And, don't forget to turn off your automatic sprinkler system when it rains

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