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Golf, the official sport of business?

April 18, 2004

Lee County -- Teeing off at the golf course is more popular than ever. And, golf is more than a game for many players it's where deals are made and business is handled.

Dennis Mack is a supply liaison for a Fortune 500 company. He says when new clients come to town, teeing off is an effective way to break the ice.

"I have to schedule partnerships meetings with outside sources and when they come into town we normally schedule golfing outings," says Dennis Mack.

Golf has long been the sport of businessmen and women. One reason - the sport, like many corporations, is becoming more diverse. It is no longer played by the exclusive few, but is still considered a gentlemen's game.

"I think golf is definitely a way to get to know people and you make good contacts for sales," says Chris Anderson.

On any given weekday you can find the young vice-presidents going hole for hole with a senior CEO.  Twenty something business owner, Jason Mulford says showing his golf game to clients helps give them a good first impression.

"Just to say hey we're good people, we come out here to have fun to show  we are competitive but not to competitive," says Mulford.

But whether a deal is signed or not these players say it ultimately still about the love of the game. Golf players we talked to say although they do often talk business on the course many do prefer to handle business deals after their games in the clubhouse.

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