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Church members clean up Dougherty

April 17, 2004

Dougherty County -- Volunteers were all over Dougherty county Saturday working to keep Albany and Dougherty beautiful. This is the last day of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful's annual cleanup and thousands of volunteers were working across the county picking up to improve their communities.

You might not think that singing and picking up the garbage go together but in this case the message in the song is the reason these men are on the shoulder of this busy highway.

"He blessed us with this earth and we have do what we can to keep it clean,"says Ned Pratt.

Pratt, and other members of US 19'S Church of Christ are picking up litter along the highway. The men are not only cleaning up the road outside their church, but also strengthening their spiritual bond one bag full at a time.

"We have had a couple to blow us at and show their thumbs saying that its all right and we have others to throw out a cup saying here is another one. But by the grace of God that's what we are here to do is pick up the trash," says Pratt.

And attitude of love they hope to pass on to Reggie Williams the newest and youngest member of the group.

"They give me the insight of the stuff they have been through so I don't have to go through the stuff they have been through," says Williams.

"Any of them around his age can say I knew him, I went to school with him, and he has made a complete change so maybe I need to as well," says Pratt.

So today the men will complete the job discarding paper and tin bottles while hoping to pass on a since of responsibility and love for ones fellow man to all that pass by.

Last year, volunteers picked up almost 67 tons of trash. This year organizers hope to increase that number by several tons.

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