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Runners train for marathon

April 17, 2004

Albany- Bright and early a group of marathon runners-in-training hits the streets.

"It's euphoria. It's great and you just feel like it's a huge accomplishment." Paula Bacon describes the way she felt crossing her first marathon finish line, a feeling she says she would have never experienced without a special training method.

"We do a combination of running and walking which is a little bit different. It's the Jeff Galloway method of training. We start out and we start slow and we build up our mileage."

Eventually those using the walk/run method can complete the 26.2 mile trek as fast as people who run all the way. Runners say the Galloway method is also keeping them injury-free, a big benefit for older runners like Dr. Harry Dorsey.

"The longest distance I've run in training so far is 18 miles and I'm doing fine. No injuries or anything," he says.

Even self-professed couch potatoes like Sabrina Powell are stepping up to the challenge.

"I am a breast cancer survivor and that's one of the reasons I also wanted to try and do this because the more healthy you are, the more fit you are, it kind of wards off diseases."

And thanks to the Galloway method these runners, many of whom never completed a long distance race in their life, are confident they'll make their marathon dreams, a reality.

Most of the runners are training for the Chicago marathon this fall. The creator of the running program, Jeff Galloway will be at the Albany YMCA on the 27th of this month.

For more information about the Galloway training program go to .

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