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Cleaning up in South Georgia

April 16, 2004

It's clean up time across America this week. Around the nation thousands of volunteers will work to beautify their communities by cleaning up the trash. Here in South Georgia, local government leaders helped kick off the two day clean up in downtown Albany.

They moved through the streets of downtown almost like a miniature army, equipped with rubber gloves and orange grabbers-- police people, city officials and community volunteers are on a mission to put the squeeze on litter.

"I'm enjoying this casual Friday to do something that is really a change of pace for us," says Janice Allen Jackson.

"We always kick off with a government team and that shows public citizens that they are willing to come out and get in the trenchs just like the citizens," says Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful director Judy Bowles.

In the trenches indeed and in the bushes and even stuck in fence and everywhere else trash would be. Finding any and everything

"The sole of a shoe is the most unusual thing that I have found so far,"says Gail Morrell a Dougherty Co. Human Resources worker.

"Cigarette butts being the most abundant, newspapers, Bobs candy wrappers,"says Chuck Blair a government IT director.

This is the 14th year Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful has participated in the clean up as apart of the national Great American Cleanup campaign, the nation's largest community improvement program.

It makes me feel good that when you drive through the town you don't see trash blowing everywhere and it doesn't look that filthy and it makes you want to stop and do different things," says Jackie Battle of the Dougherty Police.

More than 2500 volunteers across Dougherty county are expected to be out for the second day of the clean up that starts bright and early Saturday morning.

 If you want to join in meet organizers at 9 AM on the corner of Mitchell and Raduim Springs Rd. in Albany.

Volunteers will cover over 100 miles in the clean up. You can call Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful at 229-430 5257 for more information.

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