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Three arrested in Berrien woman's murder

April 16, 2004

Berrien County-- The woman's body was found in a cemetery. Her throat had been slashed.

Thhe suspects are 25-year old Joel Lindsey, 30-year-old Willie Nelms Jr., and 41-year-old Beverly Barber. "They're charged with murder and concealing a death," said Lowndes Co. Sheriff Capt. J. D. Yeager.

Beverly Barber is the one who called police and told them she heard a woman had been killed. Now she's charged with taking part in the Berrien County woman. Investigators have not yet released her name. "A lot of times informants give information on others to distance themselves from the crime, but she was actually an active participant," said Yeager.

Investigators think the murder happened last Friday night here in the Antioch Cemetery. The suspects killed the woman then buried her under a pile of leaves.

Barber initially told investigators that the woman was killed in her Nashville home. But they later learned the killing happened in the cemetery. "It makes it difficult when you start with a crime that happened somewhere else but now you know it happened here and you've already taken steps based on it happened somewhere else," said Yeager. Investigators still don't have a motive, but they believe the murder was drug related.

The three will make their first appearances in court Monday morning.

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