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Poker and bikers hope to cure cancer

April 16, 2004

Dougherty County - They are called "The Remaining Few". Men and women on motorcycles who help those in need. On Saturday, they will rev up their engines for another good cause.

The motorcycle crew called "The Remaining Few" are hitting the asphalt in Albany for a poker run for cancer. Biker, Richie Brown, says, "Everybody thinks bikers are the badest people in the world, but we are all family people like everybody else. We've got families and jobs and we just like to ride motorcycles."

This is how it works, it costs ten dollars to buy a hand and all the money goes toward the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Brown says, "We all have hearts. We want to help out the best we can." Bikers make stops on the ride and at the end they find out who has the best hand.

"The Remaining Few" will remember those who are no longer side by side with them down the road. Brown adds, "We've had club brothers in the past who have past away with cancer. Family members or what not. It effects everybody. It's not just kids or certain people or ages. It just needs to be stopped, that's all."

They will keep going, every mile could be a mile closer to curing cancer

The first motorcycle leaves Saturday morning at 11 from the Loft in Dougherty County. The last motorcycle will leave at one. The last stop is at the Albany Fairground were there will be fun and entertainment.

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