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Woman urges teens not to drink and drive

April 16, 2004

Thomasville - "The pain doesn't go away. It just hasn't gone away yet," says Mary Friend Shephard about the loss her mother. She was killed in a drunk driving wreck more than a year ago.

"A drunk driver who was speeding very fast and who was .135 blood alcohol level, didn't see them apparently and just plowed right into their car," says Shephard. Two other women were also killed in the crash.

The drunk driver walked away physically unscathed, but will live with the consequences of her actions forever. Shephard says, "The woman who killed my mother and her friends is paying a price. She's in jail on weekends. She's having to live the rest of her life knowing she killed three people."

Now Shephard is trying to make sure teens don't drink and drive this weekend.

She says, "They change the course of everyone's life when they drink and drive and have an accident."

But she hopes there will be no wrecks this weekend caused by alcohol, and that their prom memories will be unblemished.

Thomasville High's prom is Friday night. Both Thomas County Central and Brookwood have prom Saturday night.

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