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Attorney says dismissal was "retaliation"

April 16, 2004

Sylvester-- Long time Worth County attorney Clarence Miller says he was fired for criticizing the work of county commissioners.

Miller, who has been county attorney off and on in for 27 years says he was dismissed after speaking out about the careless handling of a FEMA grant application. He says that mistake caused the county to lose more than a half million dollars in grant money for the fire department.

"The fiasco over the multiple grant for fire engines for FEMA was the sole cause of the termination and it was intended as retaliation on his part," says Miller.

But Commission Chairman Dan Miller, not related, says Clarence Miller's firing had been in the works long before he spoke out about the grant. " Its a new board they weighed everything out over a period of time and thought it was a time for a change," says Dan Miller.

Clarence Miller says if he was fired for simply speaking out against the commission that isn't illegal and he does not plan to take action against them.

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