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South Georgia Man Hits it Big

April 16, 2004

Albany--Robert Doolittle loves walking to the mailbox  "It's fun. Everyday you can't wait for a mail man, or U-P-S or Federal Express to show up in your driveway with a package," he says.

 He's won a trip to Hawaii, 2,500 dollars in groceries, hats, t-shirts,  and a shot gun. Now, he has something to haul it all. "We won a trailblazer," claims Doolittle.

He won A 2004 Chevrolet TrialBlazer SUV as part of an Onstar promotion. In a couple of weeks Doolittle will go to Wallace Chevrolet to pick up his new car.  Right now, his TrailBlazer is being custom built just for him.

"My wife went down, picked the colors out. It's a four wheel drive SUV. It's loaded," says Doolittle.  It's loaded, like his mailbox, full of sweepstakes forms. Doolittle says "I do sweepstakes as a hobby, I do this everyday, Monday through Sunday."

Doolittle says he spends 400 to 500 dollars a month on postage and envelopes to send entry forms.

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