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Post office open late for last minute filers

April 15, 2004

Albany- U.S. Postal Employee Jennifer Loud spends five nights a week sorting mail.

Thursday night, she got to meet the mailers face to face.

"You get to see and greet people and ya know, the friendly atmosphere from the people," Loud said.

The traffic flowed with last minute tax payers. Post offices all over the country stay open late on April 15th so everybody has the chance to get the most important mark of the day. But even some procrastinators say the post office shouldn't give them extra time.

"People ought to do what they need to do and not wait 'til the last minute and make these people have to work late," said last minute filer Kenneth Price.

Loud, though, doesn't seem to mind much, because when midnight strikes, she keeps on working.

"Oh,no. My shifts continues on."

Making sure your taxes are on their way to Uncle Sam.

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