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Girl urges ATV riders to wear helmets

April 15, 2004

Thomasville - Balloons, cards and gifts. All typical of an 11 year old's birthday party, but the past two days have been anything but a party for Kirstyn Palmer.

"It's real dangerous, it's fun, but it's dangerous," she says about riding four wheelers.

On Tuesday Kirstyn was in a four wheeler wreck that cracked her skull and created a blood clot in her brain, all preventable, had she been wearing a helmet.

She says, "I'm lucky, cause it could have done more damage than it did."

Kirstyn was riding along the side of the road when she lost control of the four wheeler, flipped off, and hit her head on a post. Luckily, she was just outside her house and her mother took her to the Emergency room.

Two days later, after brain surgery, and lots of TLC, Kirstyn is ready to go home. She wants others to know that they should always take safety precautions when riding four wheelers.

Kirstyn says, "Wear a helmet, that's very important. And stay off the road, you have to always ride in the ditch and don't go really fast. You never know, something real bad could happen. Just like that." But luckily nothing tragic happened to this young person.

Tuesday was only the third time Kirstyn had been on a four wheeler. Both she and her parents agree it will be her last.

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