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South Georgia College pushes facilities

April 15, 2004

Douglas-- When it comes to recruiting, coaches will use anything they can to sway an athlete to come to their school. But at South Georgia College, two major renovation projects just made the coaches jobs a whole lot easier.

As the head baseball coach at a two year school, Scott Sims is used to rebuilding. But the latest project at South Georgia College, has had nothing to do with the product on the baseball field but rather the structure around it. "The administration, the college everyone got behind and we went forward. And here's where we are today," Sims said.

It took a total team effort, but the renovation of George Cook stadium is now complete. One million dollars was poured into the historic landmark, a far cry from what the stadium cost when it first arrived in Douglas. "It was actually in Norman Park I believe, which is right down there by Moultrie, it was an old Class D ballpark I believe in the minor leagues."

"Coach Cook who was here back at that time bought it for a dollar and I think it cost him eight or nine thousand dollars to move it here and they reassembled it like it was. And it was a community project."

The same can be said for the newly renovated Wellness Center on campus. Like Cook Stadium, the center recently underwent a major overhaul and now includes a spacious weight room, a training room, and a brand new aquatics center. "It's a legacy that we want to pass on to the city and the rounding community because of the fact that this is probably one of the nicest complexes you'll see within the Coffee County area," George Wingblade, director of the physical plant said.

Two major rebuilding projects that have set a solid foundation for South Georgia College athletics.

South Georgia College plans on dedicating the field at Cook Stadium to William Crider Senior next Saturday before the Tigers doubleheader with Truett-McConnell.

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