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Gang shoots into Albany home

April 15, 2004

Albany -- Five teenagers are arrested after firing a shot into an Albany home, narrowly missing two sleeping children.

 Larahtis Price tried to stop a gang of 8 teens, both boys and girls, from beating a mentally retarded man on Gillespie Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

After Price returned to his home, he heard the gang follow him. Price said "I had heard the dude say give me a pistol..ask one of his friends to give him a pistol. He was standing right out here in front of the house. Next thing we know we heard two shots. One of the shots came through my wall right here."

One bullet went through the home's front wall and lodged in a kitchen cabinet, just feet from where his two young sons were napping.

 Police arrested 19 year old Peron Cleveland, and charged him with shooting into the home. Also arrested, 18 year old Arthur Henderson and 17 year old Brandon Ball.

 Two juveniles, a 14 year old boy and a 15 year old girl were also arrested.

Price said the neighborhood is frightened after the shooting. A day care center across the street stayed closed Thursday.

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