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Dogwood Winter sweeps across SWGA

April 14, 2004

Albany - It was an unseasonably cool day across Southwest Georgia with lows of about 38-degrees. Wind gusts reached nearly 30 miles per hour. The spring chill surprised some South Georgians.

Palm trees, sand, and island tunes - everything you need for the perfect beach party. But on this day, don't forget your coat too. "It's is so freezing. It's not beach party weather," said Darton College Student Ming Hyang.

The cold weather didn't freeze the fun at Darton's annual beach party. But, it's a good thing the inflatable Tsunami slide was pined down. "A few times we had to shut it down, because it was about to blow off," said Justice Perkins.

It's what they call a "Dogwood Winter," when cold weather comes after spring temperatures have already hit. And, brisk winds hit some walkers at Lake Loretta, in Albany, by surprise.

"I had to grab my jacket before I came out. It's was certainly cold," said walker Dr. Bill Tilley. But just in case you temporarily forgot it is spring, proof of the season is swimming around the lake. 13 new ducklings hatched just a day ago, and now they're sticking close to mom as they swim around the lake.

A late-season Canadian air mass brought snow to parts of North Georgia, and left us her in Albany with a chill.

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