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Fallen tree makes neighbors feel lucky

April 14, 2004

Pelham - Strong winds may be the reason a huge old oak tree came crashing down in a Mitchell County neighborhood. It took more than two hours to clean up the mess.

It's pretty amazing the tree didn't cause much damage and that makes homeowners feel like it was their lucky day.

The huge fallen old oak, blocking Barrow Avenue in Pelham. Randall Willis lives next door. He says, "I don't know how old it is. When I first came around the curb I thought it had hit my house."

The tree already has rotten roots, but a gust of wind came through, along with rain, which may have caused it to fall. The width of the base of the tree is at least seven feet tall. Willis adds, "If it went the other way I wouldn't have had a home to live in."

The big oak chose the perfect spot to land, it was living in the middle of three homes. Willis sighs, "It missed everybody, yep."

On its way down, it took down a power line. It also took a major chunk out of the sidewalk, only a few feet away from a gas line. Willis smiles, "If that would have happened, we would have had a mess."

A mess it did leave behind and it took with it the natural shade. He says, "Shade, right. It was a good cool spot, now it's gone."

You don't miss things until they are gone. Luckily neighbors don't have to say the same about their homes, that's all because the wind was blowing in the right direction.

Neighbors are thinking about cutting down pecan trees around their homes because they are about as old as the oak tree.

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