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South Georgia Woman Writes Her First Book

April 14, 2004

Worth County-A walk to the pond is a ritual for writer Sharon Clyde.  She says "It gives me peace. I love the water and being by the water is very peaceful. I get to hear sounds of nature and the voice of God."

Outside is where Clyde puts her thoughts together and inside her home is where she writes them down. "I started writing poems back in high school," claims Clyde, but  it wasn't until her assistant pastor became seriously ill that her writing started to reflect her spiritual side.  Clyde explains, "I wanted to do something nice to ease the pain for him and his family and God came to me and told me to sit down and write poems to him and his wife"  Now she is working to get those words of encouragement out to other people in her first book of poetry, 'Precious Moments in His Sight.'

 Cylde works hard as a wife and mother of three but she is able connect though poetry, with her first daughter, Casetta who died of cancer when she was only seven years old.  Clyde reads from her book,  "She was the one I knew God had give to me. She was as precious and as sweet as she could be. She was really a gift that I knew could only come from up above so I decided to give this little angel all of my love."

"That part of me that I felt die with her. I feel it now coming back through my writing. I can express myself through my writing," says Clyde. 

She hopes her poems will do as much for others as writing them has done for her.  Clyde says, "I sit down and say Holy Spirit, what is it that I need to write today or what is it that I need to say or what is it that I need to say to a certain individual. Give me the words to say and he gives them to me and I just write.

Cylde is now working on volume two of her book of poetry. You can find "Precious Moments in his sight" at the Eagle Nest in Sylvester.

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