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Tea Time in Thomasville

April 14, 2004

Thomas County - Valet parking, violin music, tasty treats, and, of course, tea, greeted hospital patrons as they arrived at Osceola Plantation in Thomas County for the Archbold Auxiliary tea.

Bob Dixon donates to the auxiliary because he knows the money raised goes to a worthwhile project. He says, "Through these tea's they're able to get extra equipment that helps the patient and the families of the patient. I think that's just a wonderful project."

Jane Waller agrees. She is the Auxiliary Chairman. This year the money raised will go towards purchasing sleeper chairs for patients rooms.

"These chairs are recliners so that they can be comfortable when they're staying with their family members," says Waller. "If they want to stay overnight and feel that it's necessary, that sleeper chair will open to a single bed."

Even more comforting is that members of the community are giving because they care. Waller says, "It's very heartwarming to know that the community can pull together to raise money for something like this."

A project that almost everyone will sooner or later benefit from. The Auxiliary had received more than $8,000 in donations before the event began. They hope to raise more than $20,000 total.

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