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D. A. accused of swapping sex for favors

April 14, 2004

Nashville-- District Attorney Bob Ellis is accused of having sex with a female defendant.  But he says he's innocent.

For weeks, people in Nashville have talked about "The D.A. and him having sex with somebody," said Martha Brewer, Nashville Resident.

And now a federal grand jury has spoken. "It's just a big let down to all of us, he's really a nice man," said Brewer.

Alapaha Circuit District Attorney Bob Ellis is indicted on civil rights and witness tampering charges. The indictment states that between July and February, Ellis had sex with a female, who we are told had been arrested on drug charges.

"It's a shame that someone who is supposed to punish those people who break the law is doing something illegal himself," said Brewer.

He's charged with witness tampering because of evidence that he told the woman not to talk to FBI agents who were investigating him. "We were not investigating it, I had heard the rumors just like everyone else here, but I was surprised," said Berrien Co. Sheriff Jerry Brogdon. "We're all disappointed and saddened at this."

Ellis is scheduled to appear in federal court in Albany Monday. In a press release to the media, he says he's innocent and will plead not guilty in court Monday morning.

Bob Ellis has served as District Attorney of the Alapaha Judicial Circuit for 15 years. The circuit includes Atkinson, Berrien, Cook, Clinch, and Lanier counties.

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