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Two arrested in unsolved murder

April 13, 2004

Albany-- A 16 month old murder case that revolved around a card game, was may have been solved with the arrests of two men. Police believe the gunmen are the same two men who were thrown out of a card game for cheating, but later returned to rob the other gamblers.

It happened back in December 2002 when 34 year old Travis Harris was shot in the back in the parking lot of his apartment on West Road. Investigators say two men left the card game after being accused of cheating. They and a third man returned 15 minutes later wearing ski masks and carrying assault weapons. Harris ran and was killed.

Tuesday Albany Police arrested 36 year old Richard Zackery. They say he shot Harris. Thirty-five-year old Ricardel Hightower was also arrested and charged with murder.

"The victims heard a shot from the outside. There was someone standing on the outside, who we now know was Richard Zackery on the outside, who shot the victim as he was exiting the door of the residence," said APD Sgt. Kendra Wilson.

Sgt. Wilson said Zackery and Hightower have been suspects since the murder. A tip this weekend provided the information needed to make the arrests. A third suspect is still being sought.

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