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Gas price gouging?

April 13, 2004

Grady County - The price of gasoline is expected to top $2.00 a gallon this summer. It looks like that price will reach Thomas and Grady counties first.

Sherri Futch doesn't understand why prices are always higher here than in other South Georgia towns. She says, "I don't get it either. Why shouldn't they be cheaper? They say that their hands are tied. They don't know why it's like that."

Neither does James Crawford. He says people should band together to get the prices lowered.   "It really has to do with what the people put up with, because if you continue to pay that price for it, yeah they'll keep it there, and raise it up too."

Stations can charge higher prices because consumers don't have much of a choice. Even though gas is up to four cents lower in Valdosta, the drive is 45 minutes. To save even more money, you could drive to Albany, but that would take an hour. And forget about going to Tallahassee for a break in price, it's ten cents more a gallon there

Bill Snyder says that's why he comes to Grady County to buy gas, and will continue to buy gas regardless of the price.

He says, "We're not going to stop buying gas, we'll just have to keep paying the price."

A price that continues to rise. The current average price of gas in Georgia is $1.65 per gallon. In California, it averages $2.20 per gallon.

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