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Frightened business owners arm themselves

April 13, 2004

Dawson-- Proprietors say they've had enough of a masked bandit who has terrorized the city, and intend to let him stare down the barrel of a gun for a change.

Howard Oliver of Oliver Printing did not want to go on camera, but admits he is frightened, after a man wearing a mask and carrying a small pistol invaded his business, not once, but twice.

On March 25, Oliver gave the robber a small amount of money from his cash register. Last Friday, the same man came back demanding money again.

This time Oliver was at the back of the store, and frightened him away, when he began talking about being armed.

Even on Easter Sunday, about noon, a masked man pointed a gun at George Law's head at the B-Sting Bait and Tackle store. Law rushed the gunman, and chased him from his store.

Law also did not want to talk on camera, but said that many store owners are frightened. Law also has started carrying a gun to protect himself.

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