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Albany band making good use of lucky break

April 12, 2004

Albany- The Sevendust concert in Albany in February was a night that "Monroe Brown" won't forget.

The South Georgia band took the stage when the opening act cancelled.

"I think we played our best show ever," said Jason Culverson, the singer for the group. "Push came to shove and band we were on it. It's like we may never get a shot like this again. We better not mess it up."

Call it luck, call it fate, call it whatever you want. These guys are calling it a break on the long and winding road to music success. Sevendust took an interest in the group. They've already helped the band produce two new songs and will work with them more this summer.

"For a band like us, it's a step you want to take," Culverson said. "It's really what we make of it."

Being associated with a veteran band is opening doors. That means more people will start to listen.

"That's the whole goal," said Ryan Wilson, guitarist and backup singer for the group. "To get as many people as possible to listen. Everybody that's willing to listen, get them to listen to the music."

That could be the way to a major record label deal. If that day comes, they want it to be the right deal that gives them the chance to reach the goal they've set.

"It's been to just have a good record that we're proud of to where you could play it from start to finish and love it the whole way through," Culverson said.

Right now, nothing compares to that moment, that lucky break.

"It was just a dream come true just to even share the stage with them," Wilson said. "I can't even describe how I felt about that."

A fateful night that Monroe Brown will always remember.

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