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Ephedra ban stands

April 12, 2004

Thomasville - "Take it like it says on the bottle," says Pharmacist and owner of Medicine Man's Corner, Blake Brookerd. They are simple instructions that aren't always followed, and the consequences can be deadly.

"If your heart rate increases or blood pressure goes up, then know that you can't take that," Brookerd says.

More than 150 people that took ephedra died of complications from the herb, leading to Monday's ruling that bans the supplement nation wide. But there are alternatives.

Brookerd lists a few: "Green tea, orange peel, you'll be seeing more hoodia, but there are other mild stimulants that people will take to replace it."

Dr. Charlene Parrish removed products containing ephedra from her shelves at Sweet Basil months ago, but she's not happy about that.

She says, "I don't think we need to pull the herb's off. I think we need to do something with the people that are abusing them."

And to, of course, she says, "Follow the directions exactly."

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