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Officer to run for sheriff

April 10, 2004

Albany- On the steps of his church and with the support of family and friends, Lt. James Williams makes one of the biggest announcements of his law enforcement career.

"I am a candidate for the sheriff of Dougherty County."

For 21 years he's been a part of the Albany police force.

"I've spent long hours here just walking streets. I have reduced the gang activity in Dougherty County."

But, he says his relationship with the citizens of Dougherty County started long before he became an officer.

"Being an Albanian, born and raised here, I have a history through my grandparents and my parents."

The son of a retired school teacher and an Army Major, Williams says his roots give him an edge, and a deep connection to the people he wants to serve.

"He's the kind of person that believes in doing things the right way. He's very much into the scripture, into the bible into God," says Williams friend, Robert Wheeler.

Along with his religion, Wheeler says it's Williams' ability to be fair and to solve conflicts that make him the best candidate for sheriff.

"I don't care if there is a debate, argument, or whatever it may be, everybody's okay with that once he finishes, so he's definitely the man for the job," adds Wheeler.

Williams will be allowed to take a leave of absence during his campaign. Last month, city commissioners tentatively changed their current ordinance that requires city employees resign if they run for political office.

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