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Avoid Easter egg danger with proper preparation

April 9, 2004

Valdosta - Kids at Ms. Sara's Daycare are eager to fill their baskets with Easter eggs. Like many South Georgians, their parents spent the night dying eggs for today's hunt. But before color your eggs, dietitians have a warning. "Unfortunately, with kids around Easter they like hard boiled eggs and are most susceptible to salmonella poisoning," said Gary Youngblood, Dietitian.

Youngblood says egg safety starts at the grocery store. "You want to inspect them to make sure there are no cracks and they're not leaking into the container," said Youngblood.

And the type of die you bye makes a difference too. "Make sure you buy a government approved die," said Youngblood. Now on to the preparation. Start with a pot of cold water and boil the eggs for 15 minutes. "Then you want to run them under cold water and make sure you cool them off," said Youngblood.

And the temperature of the egg and die is crucial. "You want to make sure the egg is colder than the die itself because if there's any bacteria in the die, it can get into the egg through osmosis," said Youngblood.

When it comes time for the Easter egg hunt, you want to make sure you hide the eggs away from any garbage cans and don't put them where any fertilizers or pesticides may have been recently sprayed. "Those things can seep into the eggs and its just best to keep them away for the kids safety," said Youngblood.

So when the hunts over and its take to eat their findings, kids will stay healthy and enjoy the rest of their Easter festivities.

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