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First April Shower

April 8, 2004

Lee County- It's been a while since South Georgians heard the sound of rainfall as they headed out the door.

This is the first time this month that there has been any significant rainfall. It was a welcome change for this Lee County corn crop.

"As you can tell, the little rain has made it look quite happy," said Lee County farmer, W.F. Griffin.

Even with early rains, the day wasn't wasted for Griffin. There was work to do next to his corn fields. A crop this young can survive with less rain, but a shower from mother nature never hurts.

"It can get by with not quite as much as when it is actually in a bigger stage."

Griffin's rain gauge showed his fields got about a half inch of rain which was good news for his young corn crop. He's irrigated his fields twice since he planted, but like all farmers, he hopes most of the watering will be done from the sky.

"If we had anywhere from three-quarters to an inch of rain a week, that would be a gracious plenty. It might even be a little much as young as the corn is."

So he hopes the showers keep showing up to help these tiny plants grow into tall healthy stalks.

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