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Nasty yard lands man in jail

April 8, 2004

 If you have an unkempt yard in Dawson, watch out! It got one man 11.5 years in jail. Fifty-year-old Willie McCray was fined for his trashy property last summer. He was found in contempt for paying late and not cleaning up his property.

Monday night, Dawson Municipal Court Judge Henry Williams sentenced McCray to 4,260 days in jail, or confinement until he pays $7,339 in fines.

Dawson's City Attorney Tommy Coleman has contacted the public defender in Terrell County about what he says is an excessive sentence. "I think anyone looking at the sentence imposed, given the offense, even though there was a contempt, would suggest that $7,339 is an excessive fine, and 4,260 days in jail for an older poor person is virtually a life sentence."

There are more problems though. The Clerk of Municipal Court, Linda Mayo, is out-of-town. Turns out all the paperwork the public defender needs to file the motion to get McCray out of jail is under lock and key.

The Clerk appears to be the only one with the key.

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