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Moody remembers pilots

April 8, 2004

Lowndes County - It was a sad day at Moody Air Force Base, as friends and family say good bye to Captain Judson Brinson and Captain Lee Moore. "This is pretty much closure for us," said Major Chris Sabo. "We've had the whole week to go through the shock and have been keeping ourselves pretty busy."

Both men were instructor pilots in Moody's 39th Flying Training Squadron. Second Lieutenant Michael Schmidt was a student pilot under Captain Brinson. "I admired him as not only a pilot, but an officer," said Schmidt. "He was such a personable guy, everyone enjoyed being around him and he was really admirable."

He has great memories of their training flights together. "I remember one time we were in a storm, and I was flying, sweating bullets," said Schmidt. "He was sitting behind me so calm and just talking about the flight, he knew we'd be fine."

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. This picture was taken at the Savannah International Airport shortly before takeoff. "They may have been young, but they were two of our best pilots we had here," said Sabo.

And even though their lives were cut short, their flying careers will leave a lasting impact on future pilots.

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