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Hail pounds South Georgia

(Hail images courtesy: Karen Newsome) (Hail images courtesy: Karen Newsome)

April 8, 2004

Colquitt County-- Some residents reported hail as big as golf balls, in Mitchell, Worth and Colquitt counties.

The afternoon ice storm did not cause much property damage, but a fallen tree sparked power outages. A south Georgia family helped us capture the hail storm on tape using a home video camera.

During the calm before the storm, on Highway 37 in Colquitt County, thunder added to the gray clouds and lightning lit up the sky.

Moments later, gusty winds mixed with heavy rain pounded our windshield. On Georgia 93, we found crews in Mitchell County taking away the culprit that tore down power lines. Dime sized hail littered the area. 

Five-year-old Shelby Newsome said, "It sounded like machine guns."

Shelby and his younger brother Jeremy took cover. "I wasn't scared, I just had to put on my coat,". Shelby said. And hide under the bed.

Meanwhile, their mother Karen caught the hail storm on tape.  "It was more amazing than scary, actually," she said.

It started as jagged, pebble-sized pieces of ice. "And then it started falling as golf ball sized pieces, which was real unusual." The ice and rain mixture that came out of the west didn't cause much damage, but did make for an interesting day in south Georgia.

125 Mitchell EMC customers were without power for a few hours.

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