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Misdialed phone call saves life

April 8, 2004

Thomasville - The phone rings. You check the caller id, and if you don't recognize the name, just let the machine pick it up. That's a practice one Thomasville woman uses everyday. One of those ignored phone calls may have saved a life.

She was standing in the kitchen when the phone rang, so she walked over to the caller ID to see who was calling. When she didn't recognize the number, she decided not to pick up the phone. As she was walking away, the answering machine picked up, that's when she heard someone screaming for help.

"I knew instantly something was wrong. I didn't know what, but I knew something was wrong," she says.

The woman has asked us not to identify her, because she is worried for her safety, but she explains just what she heard when 78-year old Carrie Yarborough dialed her number by accident and pleaded for her life.

She says, "I'll give you a thousand dollar check. Junior, please, I'll give you a thousand dollar check and she just keep repeating herself. Over and over. I listened for just a few minutes and then hung the phone up and dialed 911."

Minutes later a Deputy found Ms. Yarborough lying on her floor clinging to life. She had been brutally attacked, but was quickly transported to the hospital due to the quick thinking of her telephone hero. Someone who says there's nothing heroic about what she did. She says, "I was, I was just doing what I thought was right."

Another right move? Not erasing the message from the answering machine. The screams recorded will be used against the victim's attacker in court. Ms. Yarborough is still in critical condition in Archbold Memorial Hospital. Her neighbor, Charles Singletary Junior has been charged for the crime and is in the Thomas County Jail.

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