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Radio welcomes music with a message

April 7, 2004

Albany - More secular artists are writing and singing religious music, and they're getting big support from radio listeners especially country music lovers.

"Good afternoon." It's the ride home with Kurt Baker on B-100. "Here's a song from the request line." From the speakers of the country music station comes the tunes of country newcomer John Turner. His song "Long Black Train" is getting a lot of airplay. It's a song about staying away from sin and says you can find victory in the Lord.

"The big change in society, I think, is we're seeing is that it's o-kay to be spiritual," said Baker. More spiritual songs are gaining popularity with traditionally secular radio listeners. "The biggest example would be Randy Travis's 'Three Wooden Crosses." It's a song about three people who died in a crash. That song hit number one." And, so did Josh Turner's song which is impressive since it's his first release.

Baker says when times are tough, the economy is down and war is raging, people turn to their faith for strength. They also turn their dials to music with spiritual themes. "They tend to be a little more spiritual. And since 9-11, it seems we are taking more request for those types of songs," said Baker.

Country music grew from the roots of gospel songs, and some artist are getting back to those roots. "They're not as afraid to release those song and put them on the radio," said Baker. Most country artists usually have a couple of religious songs on their cd's. But until now, those songs didn't make it to the radio.

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