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Subway super-spokesman comes to town

April 7, 2004

Albany-- Jared Fogle, the Subway guy, met today with some South Georgia students to talk about hazards surrounding childhood obesity.

Fogle is internationally recognized for losing 245 pounds by eating just two Subway sandwiches a day.

He says he knows first hand what it's like to be overweight and believes these Dougherty County Middle School children can easily relate to his message.

"To come back to the schools and talk to them, sort of show them the path I went down and why I became so heavy in the first place," Jared said. "I think a lot of them can relate to that. The video games, the TV, the junk food. They know me from TV now, they know me from TV commercials. They are ready to listen to me anyway, and obviously, we have a positive message to tell them. I think it's great."

Jared says he still eats Subway a couple times a week, but mainly just eats in moderation.

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