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Change your lifestyle, improve your health

April 7, 2004

Albany-- Heart disease is the number one killer in America, obesity is a growing problem, and diabetes cases are rising dramatically. Often, you can prevent those health problems with some lifestyle changes.

That's the message health experts are spreading during public health week.

People are toning their bodies and working up a sweat, but they're not only here to trim down, these folks are also fighting some serious health hazards.

Trisha Weathersby is trying to develop a healthy lifestyle. "I'm overweight and I need to lose some weight and get healthy. You don't exercise for thirty something years you get overweight."

Her weight loss goal is 60 pounds. She's already dropped 23 but she's also concerned about other potential health risks. "Getting older, and I don't want to have health problems. I don't have any right now that are major health problems and I don't want to have any."

Weathersby isn't the only one paying attention to her health. James Dupree got a bad medical report three years ago. Now, he eats healthier and works out. "My cholesterol, it's bringing it down, It's kind of' reducing this in the middle."

He's also fighting a serious disease that runs in his family James Dupree: "On my mother's side there's a lot of heart disease and I'm just trying to keep my heart healthy by working out."

Younger people are also paying attention to their bodies for reasons other than their appearance. Leonard Seymore: "Before I'm age forty, I don't want to feel like I'm age sixty or seventy so I'm trying to keep myself young and enjoy life while I can."

Tiffany Cox says "I just to stay in shape and be healthy. I mean, I've got a one year old to chase around and keep up with."

Keep in mind you don't have to visit a gym, to get the work out you need, you can exercise around your own home. Develop better eating habits and you'll feel better and more likely live longer.

"I'm having to redo or rethink my whole life and that's what you have to do if you are going to get healthy," said Trisha.

Public health officials also remind you to get a physical checkup if you haven't had one in the past year and to get any immunizations you need.

Obesity is one of the major health risks we're facing. That of course can lead to heart disease, diabetes and even a stoke.

Health experts say walking and even playing with your kids at least thirty minutes a day can help fight serious health risks.

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