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Senior citizens show off fashion

April 7, 2004

Thomasville - Looking like a movie star is something Leannah Williams has been doing for more than a century.

She says, "100 years old and if I live to see the 16th of April I'll be 101."

Ms. Williams and other members of the Scott Senior Center walked the runway and strutted their stuff for the 1st Annual Easter Fashion Show.

Williams says, "I got tired of being at home by myself, and so I come out to be with these people. My family all passed and gone. And I come out to enjoy company of these other people."

Phyllis Nail says the show was organized so that Senior's who can no longer go to church can get out of the house and show off their Easter clothes.

Nail says, "They have all these beautiful dresses and hats that they had in the past and they wanted to dress and show what they use to have when they went out at Easter and stuff."

Ms. Williams says, the Scott Center is one of her secrets to a long life. "That keeps me going. Keeps me going, keeps me active," she says. Her other secret? Williams says, "Prayer, prayer. The word of God, that's what keeps me going."

And it doesn't look like she'll be slowing down anytime soon. Leannah Williams is the oldest member of the Scott Center. She turns 101 on April 16th.

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