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Teachers urge CRCT practice at home

April 6, 2004

Albany- "It may say read the selection. It may say read the passage. It may say read the summary. All those things mean what? Your story."

Detrich Sanchez has spent weeks going over some of the things that may trip up her third graders next week as the take the Criterion Referenced Competency Test. She also reviews test taking strategies.

"The first thing that I always suggest is to read your questions first, then go and read you story, and read it at least two times," Sanchez reminds her students.

Teachers are also urging parents to help children at home by taking sample tests online found on the Georgia Department of Education web site.

Once you get to the site, click on "student testing," chose the CRCT test for your grade and it will take you to sample tests for your child.

The more comfortable they are with the types of questions on the test the better teachers say they will do.

"A good thing would be to also time them because it is a timed test, so as a result if they get used to being timed at home even with the homework. Then they get used to what 15 minutes feels like, what 20 minutes feels like," says grandmother Joyce Margerum.

That's exactly what she does with her grandson Dominyck every afternoon.

What will be hardest part of the test the nine year old this time?

"The multiplication facts because we have to know those to pass to the 4th grade," he says.

But it's the reading that he and his peers will have to pass to be promoted. It's predicted as many as 26,000 Georgia third graders will fail the state curriculum test, a statistic Dominyck has heard, but says he doesn't buy into.

"That's just their opinion because if you believe and you try hard enough then you can pass it."

Good, sound advice that teachers say all students should take before tackling the test next week.

Teachers also remind parents not forget about two important things that can help your child stay alert during the test., a good night's rest and a hearty breakfast.

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