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Youth program turns out success stories

April 6, 2004

Albany-- Youth Opportunity gives a second chance to people who don't complete their education.

Youth Opportunity students come together for lunch during their studies most days. On this day the more experienced students were asked to talk about how Y. O. is helping their lives.

Student Elizabeth Humphrey said "Y. O. is a good place for people or students that have no place else to go, and this is a place for their opportunity."

Student Tiffany Peavy said "It was a second chance for me and my child. Now I am currently a student at Albany Technical College."

Y. O. Student Allen Jackson said "I learned a lot of communication skills, and I got a job at the Y. O. It's a good program because it never closes the doors on you."

Y. O. is open to students from 14 to 21 years of age, who want to return to their education. The program also helps them find job skills, and a job.

After four years Y. O. has a number of success stories. Executive Director Jo Granberry said "They are walking into all areas of employment in this community, and that is just good for all of us."

Albany Police Officers serve as mentors for Y. O. students. They say they can see the results on the streets, with less crimes committed. APD Lt. Kenn Singleton said "On a day to day basis, even on the weekends, they are here. They may have special activity. They are involved in community service projects. So yea, this is helping out."

The Y. O. program needs help from employers in the community, to provide jobs for their students. And they say that is helping these young people to a bright future.

The Albany Y. O. program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, one of only 36 programs of it's kind in the nation.

  • You can contact Youth Oportunity at:
    521 Pine Avenue Albany, GA 31701.
    Phone: (229) 430-0484

  • Or visit their website

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