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School death investigation near completion

April 5, 2004

Albany- Albany State says Director of Public Safety Greg Lee's resignation was effective April 1st. Now, an interim director, Captain. Joe Walker will take over Lee's duties, but not the investigation into Marquita Adams death. The 14 year old collapsed and died in the hallway at Westover High School in February.

ASU officials say that investigation was being conducted on his own time and is not tied to his position at the university. Likewise, Dougherty County School Board Attorney Tommy Coleman says Lee's resignation is not connected to the investigation.

"That's not part of our relationship with him. We hired him because he is a good investigator. We wanted somebody that was not associated with the school system."

Coleman says Lee's independent investigation would ensure others that the board did not skew the information in any way. So, what is the status of the investigation?

"I think it's substantially complete. As a matter of fact, I have a preliminary copy. There are a few editorial comments," says Coleman.

But Coleman says they should be corrected over the next couple of days and he expects it to be ready to present to the rest of the board Monday.

After the board has a chance to review the completed investigation, Coleman says it will be up to the members to decide whether any action will be taken or any changes made to the school system's policy.

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