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Diesel prices follow gas prices

April 5, 2004

Albany-- Gas prices are high for all of us, but what about truck drivers who travel across the nation? What they're paying at the pump can end up costing you more when buying anything from beer to toilet paper.

Truck drivers across the nation are feeling the pinch when they hit the road. But the average price for Diesel in the southeastern United States right now is $1.59. People are paying $1.89 in California, 30 cents more!

Regardless where you live, pump prices will also pinch your shopping budget too.

Mitchell Knight spends most of his days on the road, supporting a family he rarely sees. "Where I used to eat steaks, I got to eat oatmeal now," he laments.

Food money comes out of the independent truck driver's own pocket, and so does his gas allowance. "You got to keep riding until you can find something you can afford."

The latest gas prices make all of us cringe, but fuel frustrations have a darker side. Remember-- American products move on trucks. Freight companies like Commercial Shuttle Service have to pay more to ship, and ultimately the customer will pay the price. As diesel prices go up, freight costs do too, which is passed onto the shipper and then to you, the consumer.

"We can't stop, this is how we make our living," said trucking executive Bret Collins. A living that independent truck drivers, like Knight, have to live with. "I'm cruising one day to another, that's all I really know to do," Mitchell said.

The truck drivers I spoke to all said last week's gas prices were the worst they've ever seen. The southeast is below the national average. As of last week, we were five cents lower per gallon, but it adds up especially when you are on the road all the time.

The Gulf Coast had the cheapest diesel fuel average per gallon last week. The west coast had the highest, at $1.82 per gallon. If you want to check gas prices in our area, click on PUMP PATROL .

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